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Experience has taught us that in almost all cases that utilization of business data is not done efficiently and data is not readily available to all who need it. In addition to this the processes described in quality handbooks or activity systems are not implemented in practice in the daily activities.

Derigo's Pro3® system offers project businesses solutions to the following problem areas:

  • Reporting and measuring is unreliable or does not exist at all
  • Different organizational units have different tools and systems
  • Undefined or different processes within the organization
  • Internal development projects not managed efficiently
  • Complex IT systems – changes difficult to make and expensive
  • Different file and folder structures on servers and user's own hard-drives
  • Similar projects are executed in different ways by different people
  • Old and outdated document templates and instructions still in use
  • Most of the work is done with different excel files which are combined to one large excel file – not in the business systems
  • Quality documentation is done once the project is complete – not during the execution
  • Large amounts go time are used in searching for the right documentation and information
  • Activities are dependent of individuals and their knowledge



projektintyotilatAll data always up to date and available

Derigo Pro3® creates a shared virtual workspace for the project team, customers and partners. The use common document templates helps standardize documentation, which allows for efficient document handling and information sharing with all parties involved. Documents can be published to customers and partners through the Pro3® extranet. The Pro3® extranet can also be integrated as part of an existing extranet solution.

3raportsbtnEasier and more reliable project management

Pro3® offers real time project quality follow-up and reporting This allows for better visibility into projects and enables fast reaction to possible problem situations. Centralization of all project documentation into one system enables project resources to be moved more easily between projects by having all data available to all project members.

rattaatFast to implement, easy to maintain

Pro3® is built on Microsoft SharePoint, which provides a stable and reliable platform that is easy to implement and allows endless customization possibilities. Thanks to existing interfaces Pro3® can easily be integrated with other systems. Implementation is done together with the customer's end users to ensure that all functions are quickly adapted into everyday use.

pro3 microsoftA system that grows with the organization

Pro3® is an excellent choice for small and midsized organizations with potential for growth. Pro3® will allow quick and easy implementation of business models and processes to new and existing organizational units. New employee induction is easier thanks to ready and clear process instructions and will minimize disruptions from personnel change.

barsbtnA cost efficient and profitable solution

Derigo's service model ensures that Pro3® is easily implemented step by step. By first implementing business critical functions benefits can be quickly realized in daily activities. Employee efficiency and time savings increase the productivity of projects, which shortens the payback period of the system. The step-by-step implementation of Pro3® makes it possible to take advantage from earlier user experiences in business development work which ensures long term benefits for user companies.


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