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The Pro3 extranet is a tool where you can publish content from the Pro3 system to external users such as customers, suppliers or  partners. 

With the extranet soplution you can keep customers and suppliers up-to-date by giving them acceess to the latest data. When publishing a document from a project in Pro3 the latest version of the document is always available to the external users even if it is updated fequently. By publishing documents via the Extranet you will also minimize the need for sending them as e-mail attachements back and forth. 

External users can also update and add new documents via the extranet. Documents from the external users always requires internal approval before they are saved to the project.

The extranet requires always a login name and password so published data is safe in the extranet. The extranet is always a separate website so the external users will never have access to your internal system. 


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