Pro3 add-ons

In addition to the main Pro3 modules there are several add-ons available.

The add-ons are separately installed functions and tools that work either independently or part of one or more Pro3 modules. All Pro3 add-ons are sold separately for a one-time fee. The add-ons do not affect the monthly Pro3 license fees.

Add-ons available:

  • Customer management: A “mini-CRM” for managing customer contact information and persons, actions and customer correspondence

  • Delivery documentation: A section for the project's delivery documentation. The material can be gathered automatically from the project's contents.

  • Electronic forms: replace word, excel etc templates with electronic forms.
  • Inpsection tool: A mobile tool for adding observations on existing images such as layout drawings or pictures. A observation report will be automatically created from the tool.

  • Intranet workspace: Sites for storing common files in a hierarchical file structure. Can also be used for team workspaces that do not need a process based structure

  • Meeting workspaces: Workspaces for reoccurring meetings with meeting documents, action lists and meeting info

  • Training register: A tool for keeping track of personnel competencies and training. Training information and certificates are stored with the person and alerts for expiring certificates allow HR personnel to reschedule the needed courses before the certificate expires

  • Outlook integration: An add-on to the users Outlook enabling a copy of e-mails to be saved directly into Pro3 from Outlook. Requires Windows with Outlook 2010 or 2013. Available only for customers with on-premisis Pro3 installation.

  • Resource management: Plan and manage resources booked to projects. Together with the TimeSheet reports on actual vs. planned resources can be printed.
  • Risk management: An expansion to the project site with a risk management tool for listing project risks, severity, impact and risk probability. Standard project and company level summary reports are available for risk follow-up. The project site can also include standard risk templates with pre-filled risks.

  • Safety walk: Functions for recording safety walk observations on-site with a mobile form which saves the recorded observations to the project. Project specific and company-level summary reports are available for the follow up of project safety development.

  • Supplier management: A tool for managing supplier info and actions as well as supplier audit finding follow up.

  • TimeSheet: Track work hours to projects, leaves and add comments in a daily or weekly veiw and prit reports on work hours.


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