Project operations digitalization with Pro3 Electronic forms

Project operations digitalization with Pro3 Electronic forms

The construction industry is going through transformation from a very traditional type of business to a modern digitalized business. The reasons are many: growing demands for documents for compliancy, the age of the work force is changing from people born in the 60’s and 70’s to millennials and continuous demands for greater efficiency, as few examples.

There has been a lot of targets to digitalize project processes over the last couple of years. Although digitalization often remains at the same stage of digitization. There are hundreds of traditional Word and Excel files still being used, or even paper surveys and documents which are sent back and forth by email and delivery services for the projects. These documents make things hard to find and reliable analysis and follow up is basically impossible to do.

Derigo has solution for this challenge: Pro3 Electronic forms

Operations can be made much more efficiently by replacing traditional documents and paper surveys with easy-to-use Pro3 electronic forms. The electronic form means that the information on the form is in a database and data can be used very efficiently for reporting, follow ups and information sharing.

Utilizing the electronic forms is easy. There are several different ready-made form templates that can be used and edited for different use cases and purposes. Most used electronic forms are for creating site diaries, various type of checklists and surveys.





Forms are easy to create and edit

When creating electronic forms by using Pro3’s main user tool It is possible to add different kind of fields to the forms based on customer’s need. Forms can also have various kind of field types such as drop-down menus, electronic signatures or checkboxes.

Parts of the forms can also be filled in by automatically importing metadata from the project card. This means that the information does not have to be duplicated several times by the project team.

The creation the of forms has been made so easy to use that our customers main users can easily create electronic forms independently using the Pro3 Administrator Tool. The forms can also be edited after saving and it is also possible to easily export the forms into PDF files.








Pro3 Electronic forms are responsive and can be used any device

Electronic forms scale to various kind of electronic devices and are very easy and fast to use with mobile devices.






Electronic forms make it easy to save information at the source and ensure further processing is efficient in different reporting views.

Electronic forms are integrated into the Pro3 system, so it is easy to track the status of the information in the electronic forms on the reporting view of the Pro3 Project.




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