Tutustu UK:n projektipäällikköömme, Ash Stokesiin

Tutustu UK:n projektipäällikköömme, Ash Stokesiin

I’m Ashley Stokes, born 1994 in Derbyshire in the UK. I’m Derigo’s UK Head of Projects, I oversee the UK operations which includes, customer relationships & support, the sales & marketing and the implementation of new customers. I’ve been working at Derigo now for a year and a half, my background started in technical support for 3 years and progressed to infrastructure support where I worked for nearly 5 years. I now live in a small town called Chesterfield with my partner and 2 dogs. My hobbies mainly including doing long dog walks, finding a country pub along the route is a must! Going away in our motorhome and doing OCR (obstacle course races) for charity, this years got postponed, so I organised a 34 mile hike with the guys I usually do the OCR’s with.

Working for Derigo has been truly a great experience, as I mentioned my background and qualifications are mainly technical related, however I’ve always enjoyed the customer interaction starting from my very first position in technical support,
as I like to think of myself as a socially outgoing guy, so this fits perfectly with my current role!

Initially starting with Derigo I was nervous as I was worried some of this was unexplored territory to me and having the thought of what if I fail made myself pressured, however after actually starting and meeting everyone, I couldn’t have asked to work alongside a better team to help me through any of the things I’d not encountered before. After all, anything can be learnt!

One of the things I love about my role with Derigo is that everyday is different, whether it’s speaking to potential customers, giving support to our current customers and exploring with them any additional need for their company, being on our customers sites giving training or creating marketing material and pushing ad campaigns. Additionally I love the flexibility working for Derigo, allowing me to be there for our customers whenever they need, be it on a Sunday evening or over a holiday period, I always have my laptop with me, although maybe not if I’m up a mountain on a long dog walk, however I’ll always ensure they get the help and resolution they need whether it be from myself or from our Finnish support team.

Working with Finnish colleagues is brilliant, I think there’s so much to learn from each other and Derigo have a great team, it feels very much like a family. I think the structure is very different in a positive way in a Finnish company, one of the best parts is the approachability of everyone regardless of their position. Given that we’re obviously in different countries, I don’t think this affects our communication, with modern tools such as video calling and emailing, we do keep in touch at least every day and that’s great and very important to have that open communication between the two teams/countries

One of the best things about working for Derigo is seeing the evolution of Pro3, as I mentioned above, Derigo is a relatively small team in comparison to large organisations and it’s exciting to see when a customer has a change or specific need, for us to develop that function for them, it’s something you’d never get with a larger software company. You’d usually just get an out of the box software which is generic for every customer, unlike Pro3 where our customers are more personal to us, so we can develop Pro3 more bespoke to them.